noise pollution in Singapore

Can You Hear Me Now? Singapore Has Been Riddled With Noise Pollution

By Kelvin Tan | May 3, 2019

We always encounter different kind of noises in our everyday life, from brewing coffee to the honking of the car you are riding on on your way to the office. Do we realize what are these noises for? It is just a natural thing in our life that we don’t really care about it at all? Well, we hope once you’re done reading this, you will start to care about the noise we encounter regularly. What is noise pollution? Noise…

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Salt myth debunked

Salt Myth Debunked: Salt is Not The Bad Guy!

By Kelvin Tan | April 7, 2019

Salt is a very important ingredient when cooking and a must have in the kitchen. But what about in health? Do we need salt in to improve our health? Is salt bad or good for our health? Let’s find out. But first let’s differentiate table salt from sea salt as we will encounter them many times in this article. Table salt is mined from the underground and usually undergo processing to eliminate minerals and usually contains additive. While sea salt…

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Social Interaction Through Social Media

Social Interaction Through Social Media

By Kelvin Tan | April 3, 2019

Social media is really a big thing these days. Everyone has their own smartphones and social media accounts. Internet has really helped people’s lives more convenient and easier. Just search something on Google and then boom—answers to your curiosity will be listed. According to Hashmeta (2019), 98% of Singapore’s internet users are 35-44 years old, while 55 years old and over consumes 82%. In the recent study of Department of Statistics of Singapore, population of older people is much bigger…

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Pre-Singapura Story

Take A Walk Down The Memory Lane: Hear A Story About Pre-Singapura

By Kelvin Tan | March 29, 2019

Temasek derived from Malay word ‘tasik’ which means lake or sea. Later on in the history, Temasek was changed into Singapura which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Different version in history are saying different stories of how and where the old Singapura really came from. People who was alive during the Pre-Singapura are likely to speak Teochew and other languages like Cantonese, Malay and decent command in Mandarin. There are no much stories or articles around internet that talks about…

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Voice Search: Ask the question out loud

Voice Search: Ask the question out loud

By Kelvin Tan | March 17, 2019

With Singapore as one of the leading countries when it comes to innovation – even crowned as Asia’s Technology Capital – it is not surprising that almost everyday you can discover a new invention that will make your life easier. What we are going to talk about today, however, is not something that is new. All around the globe it has been useful to many already. Are you the kind of person who is not into typing? Do you find…

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Becoming a Tech Savvy Senior

By admin | November 27, 2018

We are now in the digital age. Everything revolves around the Internet. What we once knew as discs and walkmans are now compact in a small, nifty device. Everything can be accessed with just a single tap or swipe. You can video call your friends and family from miles and timezones away. You can even buy things online and have it appear at your doorstep in 3-5 business days! Life is truly amazing with the help of technology. Do you…

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Identifying an Online Scam

By admin | November 25, 2018

You’ve finally mastered being a tech savvy senior, congratulations! You are able to use the Internet in connecting with your friends, buying things online, and even playing games. However, with all the fake news and scams, it might still be hard to trust everything that you see out there in the digital world. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out on that!

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Dispelling the Top Myths and Stereotypes of Aging

By admin | November 14, 2018

Aging is a very personal bodily process. One needs to be in that specific situation in order to fully understand how it feels to be in the most mature stage of life. However, the way we perceive it has been hugely affected by the things we have been seeing in the television, movies, books, Internet, and other forms of media. Bias and information from other people may or may not have led us to false misconceptions about aging. Today, we…

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Fact or Myth: Can Lemons Prevent Cancer?

By admin | October 22, 2018

Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth in the body. Cancer cells grow, divide, and spread from one organ to another very quickly. It is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. In fact, cancer is the #1 cause of death in Singapore. Although scientists are continuously finding more effective and quicker ways to cure it, number of cancer deaths has still been rising steadily over the years by the rate of 17% since the year 2010. There…

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