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10 People Share About Their Biggest Regret in Their 60s’

Regretting about something we did or happened to us in the past is inevitable. After all, no one is perfect. We all commit mistakes and other people to us. We had a lot of what if’s and regrets. Here are some of the regrets of the people in their 60’s in hope of next generation wouldn’t commit.

1. Kenny Rogers is a well-known singer, songwriter, and an actor in America. But despite of the fame he got, he deeply regrets that he put his career rather than his own family. He said he wouldn’t know what could have happened if he put his family first rather than his career. When he announced his retirement, he said that he will focus on his wife and two sons his now.

2. David Miller, 70 years old, shared that he did many things according to what others want him to do and to be. He did not believe in himself but rather what people around him see in him. He could have done something he liked for real.

3. Drew Parker, Fortune 500’s retired financial manager regretted not having a detailed financial plan before retirement. Because of this, he created a website that helps retiree to have a complete retirement plan.

4. A gerontologist and a professor of Human Development at Cornell University, Karl Pillermer, conducted a survey with more than 700 American ages 63-108 about their views in love. The elders believe that choosing your right partner is very important. As many regrets not choosing the right partner in life. They wished they get to know more about each other better before settling for good.

5. Martha Stewart told the New You that she regretted not having more children. But now her daughters have their own children and their family is growing bigger.

6. Brad Weesner, owner of an interior design firm said that he regretted not listening to old man’s wise words and now that he is in his golden age, he said he could have been a multi-millionaire.

7. Pradmor Kumar shared many things he regrets. One of the many things he shared was he did not make his life bigger the way he assumed it was during his teenage life. He was good at school, but he did not continue with the public speaking. He regretted not fulfilling his potential.

8. Pete Cresswell, former Ad-Hoc Developer of Bond-trading Apps said he has minimal regrets but his only regret is that he did not stay in touch with people he crossed paths with. He said he could have written records of the names people he met significantly.
9. Tranh Nguyen referred himself as “a senior for many years” said that he wished he did well with what he was doing before. It was not because he wasn’t capable, but he didn’t have the courage to take risk.

10. Brandon Na, a senior SEO analyst said that not complimenting other people when he had the chance was one of his regrets. Even not saying the words, “I love you.”

Everyone has at least one regret in their life. That’s alright. Regret is not something we can avoid. But as long as you are alive, there will be chances for you to accomplish what you haven’t in the past and the chance to take care of yourself and people around you. It’s not too late.

If you have any regret in your 60’s, feel free to share it with us. Let other know your story and be inspired.

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