Fashion Guide for Women over 50s

Bring Out The Fashionista In You: Fashion Guide For Women Over 50’s

Bags, dresses, shoes, these can be all be important to people of any age and gender, not just for teenagers. We believe that even women at their 50’s have all the rights in the world to choose what they want to wear. Be it to look younger or just because they find it comfortable. Fashion sees no age. Since we’re at it, why not let’s tackle some tips on how to still be a fashionista at your age.

1. Be comfy. Always ask yourself if what you wear feels comfortable. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant. We work, we take care of kids, or we’re just simply watering our plants, but we have to wear something we can freely move around. Refrain from wearing clothes that will irritate your skin. Believe us, it will affect your whole day.

2. Know your style. We all have our own kind of style on how to dress up and you should know what is yours. Stick to what makes you feel beautiful. You don’t always have to go with what is trendy. After all, those clothes were made with younger people as an audience.

3. Jeans are a must! Jeans do not go out of the style. It goes well with just plain shirt and shoes. Just make sure that it fits well in the butt and hips area.

4. Be creative. Fashion has a cycle. Right now, this style is trending, but in the next year, another style will be popular. As you can notice, some of the fashion styles from the past are being revived and innovated these days. Why not use it as an advantage? Transform the clothes inside your closet into something the current generation would like to have as well.

5. Wear according to the situation. Of course, would you wear a beautiful and elegant trench coat in the middle of Summer season? Always consider where you are, the season, and the event. Wear according to what is appropriate to the place and culture.

6. Explore. Never be afraid to try new things in fashion. I said earlier that you don’t always have to go with what is trendy, because sometimes you can try it. Try what is on the hot items for youngsters, but make sure they have your size. Again, wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

7. Have an icon. Do you have your favorite actress or model your age? You can look up to their fashion style, too. If it looks good on them, try it. Maybe it will look good on you, too. But you have to consider yourself if you can carry on with those kinds of style because first, they are celebrities and they have sponsors and advertisements to consider, it doesn’t always mean they want to wear certain outfit. Second, since some of their outfits were sponsored, consider your own wallet, too.

8. Lastly, be confident. It’s your body, it’s your say. Whatever you try for yourself as long as it makes you feel satisfied, you think you are pretty whenever you look in the mirror, it’s fine. Chin up and don’t let your crown fall down.

Did you find this article helpful the next time you will plan your outfit? We would like to hear what you think!

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