11 Travel Tips for Travelling in Your 50s

By Kelvin Tan | October 8, 2018

Travelling to places you’ve never been before is one of the best gifts you can ever give to yourself. With all the hard work you’ve done, it’s about time you reward yourself with different sights to see, cultures to experience, food to taste, and people to meet. Age shouldn’t hinder... Read more…

Fact or Myth: Can Lemons Prevent Cancer?

By Kelvin Tan | October 22, 2018

Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth in the body. Cancer cells grow, divide, and spread from one organ to another very quickly. It is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. In fact, cancer is the #1 cause of death in Singapore. Although scientists are continuously finding... Read more…

Physical Age vs Mental and Brain Age

By Kelvin Tan | April 18, 2019

Have you ever met a person that is older than you but looks younger than their real age or vice versa? It is because people have two ages. One is the physical age and the other is the mental or brain age. According to Collins English Dictionary, physical age or... Read more…

Life Begins at 50: Awesome Things Happen

By Kelvin Tan | October 26, 2018

Fifty — the golden age. Many people say that life begins at forty. But the truth is, fun don’t officially  start until you reach fifty! Fifty is an amazing milestone to reach. Imagine how many presidents around the world have been elected, how many installments of Marvel movies have been... Read more…

Coping Up With Active Ageing

By Kelvin Tan | April 30, 2019

Growing old is inevitable. Everyone will go through it. Everyone will grow grey hairs as time goes by. As we walk closer to the Golden Age, we may face different changes in our physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. We see people close to our hearts moving away, our children building... Read more…

Salt Myth Debunked: Salt is Not The Bad Guy!

By Kelvin Tan | April 7, 2019

Salt is a very important ingredient when cooking and a must have in the kitchen. But what about in health? Do we need salt in to improve our health? Is salt bad or good for our health? Let’s find out. But first let’s differentiate table salt from sea salt as... Read more…

Keeping Up After Retirement

By Kelvin Tan | April 12, 2019

This is the part of your life that you should tear out the stress and live your life to the fullest – retirement. It is important that you should keep busy in this time of your life. According to studies, retirees who keep a busy schedule and continue social relationships... Read more…

Fun Activities That Are Not-So Auntie and Uncle-Obvious

By Kelvin Tan | April 26, 2019

When your brother or sister brings a human into the world, it’s one of the craziest things you’ll experience in life. Weird but you can’t contain your happiness, right? Welcome to the aunt and uncle world. Nervous? No worries. Being an aunt or uncle is the point where you’ll start... Read more…

Gifts of Aging

By Kelvin Tan | April 23, 2019

Does the thought of growing old scare you? Does it feel like you’re not living the right way? Growing old doesn’t have to be a scary thought for everyone. It is not something we can and should avoid. We will all go through it. Since it is inevitable, why not... Read more…