Top Hollywood Celebrities Share Their Secrets in Staying Young

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While watching television, have you ever wondered to yourself how and why are those celebrities seem like they never grow old? Do you ever wonder if Neverland really do exist and these celebrities are actually from there as they look younger from their real age?

Of course, there’s no actual magical place where these gorgeous celebrities visit to remain looking and feeling young. Instead, here are some realistic reasons why they look youthful and glowing:

1. Skin care
Some of us are into skin care also. Why not? It makes us look healthier and young. Of course, celebrity has their own way of taking care of their own skin. Who would know that Pharrell Williams is already in his mid-40’s? His secret is.. washing his face with water. Wow! You see, everyone can do that! Victoria Beckham revealed that she goes to a trusted dermatologist because she said she used to have a problematic skin so her derma told her to eat salmon.

2. Diet, exercise, workout
This is so important for everyone. Jared Leto is a vegetarian for about 20 years ago and says it’s all about sleeping and dieting that he still looks younger than his real age. The handsome host, Mario Lopez, is a work-out maniac. He the Los Angeles Times that he does hiking, running, strength training, and boxing to stay fit.

3. Sunscreen
Sun screen is not just to keep us from tanning or to be tanned, but it also protects us from the harm Mr. Sun could give us. Paul Rudd uses sunscreen not to not get wrinkles but because he doesn’t want to get skin cancer. The ever-beautiful Jennifer Lopez revealed she just stay out of the sun and uses self-tanners to take care of her skin.

4. Doing things you love
Actress Andi Macdowell has her own garden wherein she plants and grow her own tomatoes, squash, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The actress likes to eat healthy foods. It is also nice that whenever she is in need of vegetables or fruits, she can just go to her garden and pick her own planted crops. It is also proven that gardening can burn roughly 200 to 400 calories an hour.

5. Good genes
The things listed above, we all can do it. But this one? Only lucky people are blessed with natural good genes. One of the fortunate people with good genes is actress Jennifer Aniston. She says she never had any injection in her face. Her father is a 100% Greek who in his golden age but barely has wrinkles. And that goes with her grandmother also that died when she was 95 years old.

6. Staying healthy
Even if we are not celebrities, it is important to always stay healthy. Penelope Cruz is always reminded of what her mother say to her. It is to always eat healthy foods and get enough rest. Elizabeth Banks does the basic like staying hydrated, eating healthy foods, and the most important is, she doesn’t smoke. One of the many things smoking can do to us is it can dramatically age us.

Do you have your own tips on how to stay young? Tell us your ways so we can follow it too!


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