Salt Myth Debunked: Salt is Not The Bad Guy!

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Salt is a very important ingredient when cooking and a must have in the kitchen. But what about in health? Do we need salt in to improve our health? Is salt bad or good for our health? Let’s find out.

But first let’s differentiate table salt from sea salt as we will encounter them many times in this article. Table salt is mined from the underground and usually undergo processing to eliminate minerals and usually contains additive. While sea salt is basically produced through evaporation of waters from ocean or lakes. This makes sea salt have little trace minerals and elements.

Salt, in fact is good for our health. Why? Because the water in our body follows sodium and to stay hydrated, we need a balance of sodium and potassium. Sea salt such as Pink Himalayan contains both sodium and potassium which helps keep your balance naturally.

Sea salt can be of help in preventing heart diseases, hypertension, and kidney failure. It is also a good source of electrolytes which has been shown to prevent muscle cramps. Sodium from our body acts as a messenger as it triggers a signal, and when our muscle receives the signal, they will contract.

A study shows that restriction of salt-intake increased the risk of people dying due to heart failure. Less than 3,000 mg of sodium per day is linked to an increased risk of dying due to heart disease.

Salt contains nutrients that is essential to our body. One is it activates several salivary and digestive enzymes that helps proper digestion and absorption of food in our stomach. It helps us to know how the food taste and gets the start in breaking down foods. Lack of salt could cause indigestion.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and your heart is pounding fast, it could be because of adrenaline spike that caused by stress and poor diet. But one immediate aid to this is a pinch of salt and sugar in the tongue. Easy, right? But of course, always maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With all that is listed, why are some people see salt as something bad?

It is proven that too much salt caused a raised blood pressure. Key word: too much. Everything that is too much is dangerous, so take everything moderately. One more thing, be mindful of what you eat. Just because the food is sweet, doesn’t mean it has no salt in it. Junk foods, canned good, instant soups, processed and pickled foods are examples of high-salted foods. Salt is greatly needed in foods, so be careful.

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