Physical Age vs Mental and Brain Age

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Have you ever met a person that is older than you but looks younger than their real age or vice versa? It is because people have two ages. One is the physical age and the other is the mental or brain age.

According to Collins English Dictionary, physical age or chronological age refers to the span or number of years, months, days a person has been living. While mental age is the stage wherein an individual has reached his/her physical and emotional development. Each person has different speed in maturing when it comes with mental age. It does always go with the physical age. It could be that you are a teenager but you think like an adult.

Research shows that diet, exercise, stress, sleeping habits, and smoking could be contributing factors that affect one’s aging rapid. But it could be that you inherit it from your ancestors. If you have a history of living for a hundred years, chances of you living longer are high, too. Our chronological age or physical age does not take any factor into consideration as it is just it is—the number of years we are alive. It also does not necessary mean it is a good forecaster of how well an individual is aging. Scientists use biomarkers in order to foresee whether someone is at risk of having a disease, prompting preventative measures or early treatment.

Telomeres is a region in our DNA at the end of chromosome, it dictates how quickly cell age and die. Scientists discovered that the higher a person’s physical age is, the shorter their telomeres which means that is more likely to develop a disease or an early death. But don’t worry. Studies show that having a healthy lifestyle can make our telomeres longer.

Here are some tips you might want to follow in order to prolong your life and help your mental and brain age:

  1. Always exercise and maintain a healthy body. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and don’t forget to always be hydrated. Join fitness programs if necessary.
  2. Eat healthy foods and have a regular check-up with a doctor.
  3. Don’t think too much and stay away from things that are stressing you.
  4. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  5. Make sure to sleep up to 8 hours everyday.
  6. Always wear a smile. After all, smile is the best makeup.
  7. Interact with others. Laughter is an effective anti-aging kit, so surround yourself with good friends who you can laugh with.

At the end of the day, it is us who will take care of ourselves. Although fate and life are not controlled by our hands, it is still better to stay fit and healthy in order to live longer and do things we love.

What do you think? Does this help you know about the difference between physical age and mental age? We would like to hear it from you.


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