People Over 50’s Talk About Things Society Accepts That Shocked Them

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Things, fashion, technology, even culture change and improve as time goes by. There are different stories in different generation. Sometime we hear our elders talking about things we can’t relate to, and vice versa. Indeed, generation gap. Here’s a list of things that are socially accepted that shocked people over 50’s.

1. Live-in
In our modern days, it is not actually a surprise to see or know couple living together without going through marriage. But in older days, they consider it as a sin. Couple before have to marry each other before living together. In Philippine’s old culture, a man should not touch a lady, if he do so, he has to marry her. So conservative!

2. Modern Technology
Nothing can shock older generation better than the innovation of the modern world. Different gadgets are being released every season, and sometimes monthly! Even some of the young people couldn’t keep up with the pace of modernization. But some of them don’t want to be left out so they seek information on how to use these things. It is because these technologies are indeed helpful for them. Life has become easier because of the modern technology.

3. Slang words
As time goes by, we can create our own word or another meaning to an already existing word. And it confuses and shocks the elders. Abbreviation such as LOL, ILY, IMY, BRB, SMH are hardly understandable if you are not from the younger generation. The word ‘tea’, in general it is a healthy drink, but in youngster’s dictionary, it means ‘gossip’.

4. Internet
Internet is such a useful thing for kids nowadays, but it still amazes and shocks the older generation. Especially when they see their kids or grandkids taking picture of the food first and then posting it on Internet. Even the smallest things like the little scratch a kid got from her new cat will be posted on Facebook. But one thing is, they enjoy online shopping. Who wouldn’t? You don’t have to go to mall or a supermarket. All you have to do is to open your trusted online shop, add it in your cart, pay through online bank, and boom—you have purchased an item.

5. Going home late
We often get scolded by old people when we go home late. They always say that during their times, they have to be at home by 6pm. That’s why even if we got home by 7pm, they are already in between mad and worried.

6. Revealing clothes
It is alright these days to wear something sexy. Wearing a mesh or a spaghetti strap when going outside in pretty normal these days. But for older people, it is something like a bad sight. When they see us wearing a short, they will nag us to wear a jeans. When we are wearing a sleeveless, they will told us to wear a cardigan.

7. Gender roles, LGBT community
Nowadays, women can speak of their mind and opinion better than before. During old times, women has no right to speak or to freedom. But these days, empowering of women is a big talk. Also the LGBT community which s everyday growing and growing as many people gain confidence to show what and who they really are. During 1967 in Britain, being gay is illegal and was bound to be imprisoned. But now, society is learning how to accept these people.

Did we miss something to put in the list? Tell us more about this topic and let’s discover it together.


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