Life Begins at 50: Awesome Things Happen

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Fifty — the golden age. Many people say that life begins at forty. But the truth is, fun don’t officially  start until you reach fifty! Fifty is an amazing milestone to reach. Imagine how many presidents around the world have been elected, how many installments of Marvel movies have been released, and how many fashion trends have come and go in a span of fifty good years. On a more personal level, think about how many people you’ve met, jobs you’ve worked, people you’ve made happy, and birthday candles you’ve wished on. Fifty is your prime year — own it, enjoy it! Here are 12 reasons that will convince you why life really starts at 50.
  • You have already identified the things that make you happy

Whether you like rom-coms, horror-thriller movies, or documentaries, you already know which genre to pick every time you’re in line for a cinema ticket. When in a restaurant, you might not even have to look at the menu anymore because you already know which order will get your tastebuds excited. Being fifty means that you get to choose what you want and forget about the fear of being criticized. You’re done trying to impress your high school classmates, your stuck-up boss, or your lavish workmate. This is the time to impress no one but yourself.
  • You have the power to say no

    Or maybe there’s this new sci-fi movie that people say you must watch or this new restaurant you must try. You’ve had it with all these must-haves. If it doesn’t fit your preferences and the chances of you giving it a try at all is very slim, you have the full power to say no.
    Photo by Dave Moreno on Unsplash
Or maybe there’s this new sci-fi movie that people say you must watch or this new restaurant you must try. You’ve had it with all these must-haves. If it doesn’t fit your preferences and the chances of you giving it a try at all is very slim, you have the full power to say no.
  • You’re most likely halfway through your life goals

We’ve always been asked what we want to be when we grow up. You might have said a teacher or a scientist. You may even have become one. But there’s a highly possibility as well that you’re life lead you to another path, which you found even way better. No matter what happened in the past fifty years of your life, one thing’s for sure, you are now fifty years closer to your life goals.
  • You now have the time and money to go anywhere you want

If you’re the kind of person who dreamt of seeing the world one day, there’s no better time to do it than now—while you still have the time, money, and energy to do so. Don’t think twice in booking that trip to your dream destination. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • The dreaming never stops

When you were, let’s say 22, you were too busy working for a living. At around 28, you were perhaps planning on settling down with the apple of your eye. At early 30s, you might have already been raising your first born. By the time you were 40, your focus was to give the best quality of life to your children. That is already a life well-spent. But the dreaming never stops. You can do more things you never thought you could do. There are some people your age who are jumping out of helicopters, surfing, or even writing a book. Some are building a rest house, while some are still on-the-go travelling and experiencing what life has to offer some more. The dreaming never stops.
  • You can learn a new skill

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” that’s how the saying goes. But it’s completely false. There’s always more to life that you can learn and no one can tell you otherwise. Treat yourself to those dance lessons you’ve been dying to try, or learn to cook your kids’ favourite dish. While you’re at it, you can try to paint, play the piano, try gardening — the limitations are endless.
  • You get to watch your kids grow up

By the time you’re fifty, you’ve done a lot in your life already. It’s time to watch your children enjoy theirs. They aren’t babies anymore that you have to carry around and tend to every time they cried. You get to see them become the person they were born to be. You have all the time to savour how good it feels to know that all your hard work as a parent has paid off.
  • You get to watch your grandchildren grow up

Your children may even have babies of their own now. If you think the best feeling in the world is being a parent, wait ‘till you experience being a grandparent. Seeing your children become who they have awe to e is one thing, but seeing grandchildren come into this world is another. Your children are also going to be coming to you for advice on how to change diapers, what to do when the baby cries, how to baby-proof the house — all those things that you have already gone through. It’s one of the most rewarding roles in the world.
  • You’re comfortable with how you look

Before, your life was all about trying to conform to society’s idea of beautiful or made a big deal of how people see you. You tried to look your best by buying makeup, expensive clothes and jewelry. You made sure that your image was something people would think highly of you. You tried different looks and different hairstyles. By now, you’ve already learned to accept and appreciate who you are inside and out.
  • You have already found your lifelong friends

Aside from family, friends are one of the treasures that’s hard to replace. It may be a childhood friend, someone from high school, your college buddy, colleagues from work, or even friends of friends that you got along with perfectly. It’s one thing to have a family to go home to, but it’s another to have friends you can spend precious moments with. Sometimes, they know you better than you know yourself and we think that’s beautiful.
  • Enjoy Senior Discount Perks

You’re finally old enough for a senior discount! You can get discounts at different values at almost everything. From flights, desserts, restaurants, books, cinemas, and even amusement parks, you can make use of those discounts and treat yourself. You can even invite the family and make this a family get-together moment.
  • You can laugh at the moments you thought would be the end of you

Remember when you failed a class? Or that time when you had your first heartbreak? When your boss scolded you for not doing your best? Or even got fired? Remember those long struggles of waiting for replies from companies you applied for? Remember when you had your quarterlife crisis? Remember the feeling when you just wanted to give up? Look where you are now. Look how much you have achieved. Look at all those you have surpassed. Life just tested you to become who you are today. There are many things to celebrate about the golden age. Life has thrown obstacle after obstacle for you and yet here you are, head held up high, with years of experience that nothing can ever replace. 50 is a milestone. 50 is a blessing. Enjoy it, cause life has just started.


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