Gifts of Aging

Lifelong Learnings


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Does the thought of growing old scare you? Does it feel like you’re not living the right way?

Growing old doesn’t have to be a scary thought for everyone. It is not something we can and should avoid. We will all go through it. Since it is inevitable, why not just enjoy and make it worth everything.

There are a lot of things we should celebrate as we grow old. Here are some:

Since we’re growing old, we have faced many circumstances that challenged our physical, emotional, and mental strength. With this, we gained maturity. As we grow old, we know exactly how to handle hard situations with maturity and calmness because we’ve been there. We now know how to cope up with tough and awkward situations. We see the things that are more important, and our mindset has become clearer and broader. As we grow older, the ability to look back on the twisted fates with measured insight is being acquired.

Secondly, wisdom. It is not easy to give advices to people, especially the younger ones. But when you talk, your words spit a lot of wisdom. Yes, it all came from your experience when you were younger or from things people around you have encountered. You are also not afraid to give tips and how-to’s in order to avoid unnecessary things in life that younger people may regret in the future.

Third in the list is resources. Of course, as you live longer, chances of meeting new faces are very high too. These new faces might be just another by-passer in your life, but some are more than to just another character of your life. You will learn from these people, or maybe in past tense, you have learned from these people.

Next is experience. Through everything we have encountered and experienced in life, we can say that we have learned a lot, too. The past happenings in our life pushed us to be who we are right now. All the knowledge and wisdoms that we have acquired, they were all thanks to the things we experienced in our lifetime. Although, the truth is, while we are still breathing, learning also continues. Therefore, learning knows no age.

And lastly, life—the greatest blessing, not just to elderly, but to everyone. We have live this long and it is just right to give back to people who helped us with this lifetime and to our Creator. I hope we look back to our past with a smile on our face, no regrets, just plain contentment and hope for the next generation to be better than yours.

We should see these things as our trophy. Even though some things did not come in a good way or how we liked it to be, still, everything worked together for good. Give yourself a tap in the shoulder. You’ve come this far because you are brave, wise, and worthy. Make your life an inspiration to others, that they may see how life is amazing when they look at you and how much you’ve grown old into a wonderful person.

Did you enjoy this article? We have more to follow just for you. We are delighted to guide you and give you tips about ageing beautifully and gracefully. Stay tuned for more helpful content that talks about health, travel and even technology.


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