Fun Activities That Are Not-So Auntie and Uncle-Obvious

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When your brother or sister brings a human into the world, it’s one of the craziest things you’ll experience in life. Weird but you can’t contain your happiness, right? Welcome to the aunt and uncle world.

Nervous? No worries. Being an aunt or uncle is the point where you’ll start searching of the cool things you can do with your nieces and nephews. To help you out, here are the fun things you could enjoy with them.

Go where their parents won’t
While a movie or a shopping day is always fun, cool aunts and uncles are often the ones who empower themselves to take their nieces or nephews somewhere really special.

Give them the chance to try something they’ve never done with their parents. These not-the-usual things to do may be adventures to have at home, like a camp-out in the living room, a scavenger hunt in the yard or an indoor treasure hunt. It could also be events and activities that require you to get in the car and go somewhere, like a theme restaurant they’ve never tried before, a drive out in the country, or a picnic in a park they’ve never visited.

Throw a theme party
A special theme for your outing can make the activity extra memorable and increase the excitement to the event. You can make it seasonal or you can do something fairytale. Ask the kids to do some research ahead of time, or put together special outfits or costumes, to help get them into the spirit of things before the big day arrives. You can keep the theme going by having themed party favors, conversational topics, dinner items, and so forth.

Give special gifts
Let the grandparents and parents give them socks and educational toys. When it’s your turn to buy a holiday or birthday gift, go for memorable and playful instead. Buy stuff their parents would deem impractical. It doesn’t have to be wildly pricey, but just indulgent by design—like a sequined shirt or a ridiculous pink fur vest. Uncles could do that, too. You can also check with their parents if there’s something that the kids want to make it more special.

Get down on the ground and play with them
Whether you’re used to spending time with kids or not, being a cool aunt or uncle requires you to meet them where they’re at—whether that means making sand castles with moats, building houses out of Legos, or pretending to be different types of animals. After all, how else will you get to have long conversations about superheroes or princesses?
Make mealtimes out of the ordinary

Let their parents focus on eating enough vegetables or getting enough calcium—aunts and uncles get to be the ones who let them have dessert first, or breakfast for dinner. This could be your trademark of being cool aunts or uncles.

Follow Parents’ Rules
You can always go wild with your nieces and nephews. Do things they’ve never done before, but don’t ever break the rules your siblings have set for their kids.

If their parents wants you to follow their bedtime or give you list of foods you cannot give to them, respect it. You can always take them out for films and playtime while staying on the rules.

Did you get any fun and helpful ideas from reading this? We have more to follow! Stay tuned for more articles about travel, lifestyle, and even technology!


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