Coping Up With Active Ageing

Lifelong Learnings


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Growing old is inevitable. Everyone will go through it. Everyone will grow grey hairs as time goes by. As we walk closer to the Golden Age, we may face different changes in our physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. We see people close to our hearts moving away, our children building their own families, and the cute little grandchildren of ours starting to grow into adolescents. But you don’t have to stress yourself too much. Worrying might be a factor of growing old earlier than usual. Now, smile, and face the reality.

Here are some ways you can cope and enjoy active ageing:

1. Try new things. It is never too late to seek for more adventures in life. Try to do things you never did when you were younger. Not necessarily wild sports or extreme adventures. You also have to consider your health and capabilities. Try going to the nearest park, have a picnic with the whole family. Dance every morning to strengthen your bones. Maybe ride on a yacht with your husband or someone dear to you and have a romantic dinner date.

2. Stay healthy. Oh yes, we only live once, so we have to be responsible of the life given to us. Eat healthy foods. Be remindful of the go, grow, glow that we learned during grade school. See a doctor for regular check-ups. Prevention is better than cure. Don’t pressure yourself to do things that you think your body can’t. Be considerate of your own body. No one knows it better than you. Do your daily exercise routine. And if you don’t have, might as well start having now. Just an hour of jogging in the morning will do as your skin receives Vitamin D and your lungs having its breath of fresh air.

3. Have a social life. A research from National Institute of Aging U.S shows a strong relationship between social interaction and well-being of adults, that social isolation may have a significant effect to elders. Participate in community events, visit your family members who moved out, or even visit your neighbors just to have a small talk with them.

4. Do things you love. Go back to when you were young and think of something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t since you are busy looking for jobs or making money for your family. Now, it’s time for you to do it. Pursue the passion that you buried in order to prioritize your family’s need. But again, consider your body and health.

5. Enjoy. Life is too short, they said. You will only get to realize the importance of things when they’re gone. It is called regret. Don’t let yourself be sad in the corner thinking of many what if’s and I should have’s. Do it. You still have time.

6. Be ready. No one lives forever, we have to face this fact. If you have belongings you want to bequeath, start to see a lawyer now. Fix the papers that will be needed. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

It is not called Golden Years for nothing. It is gold. It is a treasure. It is the best time to look back to what you have achieved and experienced in the past. Pass the wisdom you have acquired through all the years to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. After all, what matters the most is the things we have learned.

What about you? Do you have other ways to cope up with active ageing that is not listed above? We would love to hear your it!


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