11 Travel Tips for Travelling in Your 50s



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Travelling to places you’ve never been before is one of the best gifts you can ever give to yourself. With all the hard work you’ve done, it’s about time you reward yourself with different sights to see, cultures to experience, food to taste, and people to meet. Age shouldn’t hinder you from travelling. In fact, it’s all the more reason to do so. Be confident and enjoy your life to the fullest!

With that, here are 11  travel tips to prepare you for your journey to your dream destination!

Get a clearance from your doctors.

First of all, ensure that you’ve consulted with your doctors prior to planning your trip. Visiting your doctor addresses any medical conditions that you have and makes sure that you’ll have a really good time while being safe. Your doctor might even consider giving you appropriate vaccines or medications that you can bring during your trip.

Secure yourself a travel insurance.

Getting an insurance is important across all ages, but all the more as you get older and has an increased hazard of hurting or getting sick. Never take the risk of travelling across borders when you don’t have the assurance of being covered when something unexpected happens.

Plan out everything.

One of the most essential pre-travel item you must tick from your checklist is an itinerary. Having an itinerary enables you to organise all your activities down to the minute. From going to the airport and getting your luggage, to arriving at your lodging for the next few days, and of course, visiting different landmarks at your destination. We also suggest including a budget so that you can keep track of your spending limit. Having an itinerary ensures that you have a well-organized trip, guarantees that no time will be wasted, and informs your family members where you will probably be at a specific time.

Have a family member help with the reservations.

Are you staying in a hotel? Renting a loft? Or visiting a friend? It’s always a great idea to do reserve a room before arriving at your destination to avoid the hassle of hopping from one place to another. Always feel free to ask help from your children or grandchildren with regards to booking online.

Make sure to get a direct flight.

If you can, it is suggested that you book a direct flight rather than a connecting flight. Direct flights are hassle-free and much faster in terms of travel time as compared to connecting flights.

Take advantage of senior discounts.

Most airlines and other establishment offer senior discounts. Although they can be difficult to catch, there’s nothing wrong in trying to find one. This will help you save money that you can use on food and activities instead.

Get assistance at the airport.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if this will give you an easier time. Wheelchairs and electric carts are usually available inside the airport for those who need it. Priority lanes are also always in place for mature travellers. Don’t be shy to make use of these perks. It will save you a lot of time and energy.

Travel during the time of day when it is best for you.

Waking up too early might be too much for you and staying up too late might be draining as well. Find the flight that best fits your body clock and energy.

Don’t forget your medications!

You’re going to be miles away from your doctor and drugstores. Make sure you have your medicines always with you in your hand-carried bags so that you can immediately get them when needed. Also, keep a  list of medications and health records in your travel luggage in case the need to visit a doctor arises. Moreover, you might have to inform the airport personnel at the security checkpoint if you have any liquids or anything unusual, so be prepared to answer.

Travel in safety and stay away from danger.

Take safety precautions. Wear a seatbelt when riding cars and helmets if riding motorcycles. Always be wary of your environment and keep an eye on your valuables. If you can, follow the buddy system with a friend or a family member.

Keep a healthy diet.

Being away from home does not exempt you from eating healthy. Don’t worry, you still can definitely enjoy food. When at a foreign place and you are going to try some of the delicacies, don’t be shy to ask what the food is made of. This ensures that it won’t disrupt your special dietary requirements and that you can stay away from allergic reactions, if any.

Take note of these tips and for sure you’ll have a hassle-free and great time during your trip!


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